The MEMBERSHIP Application

IT'S TIME to update your information!

In our efforts to create a more user-friendly activity registration process, improve organizational tasks, and streamline information, we have an annual MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION.  

Here's how it works:  
1)  The MEMBER and/or responsible person completes the form as the initial application.  
2)  Palooza administration will 
review all information, and contact the MEMBER to set up an informal meeting with the MEMBER and responsible person.
3)  Once all information is processed and it is mutually agreed upon that the MEMBER and Palooza are a good fit, you then register for the activity/ies of your choice by following the registration instructions, posted on our website.
4)  It will be the MEMBER's/responsible person's responsibility to update Palooza, in writing, of any MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION information changes.
5)  We require a routine annual update.  What is new or different for us to know about?  Please send us your fully-completed  MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION with all updates.  

Check out the Form below to print and complete.  
MAIL to : Palooza Activity Center, Inc. P.O.Box 302 Spring House, PA 19477.


Monday, January 23, 2017 - 12:45pm